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Privacy policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide you with details of how we collect and process personal data.

Dee Robbins is the data controller and is the only person who handles personal information via the email deerobbins64@gmail.com . This is a fully secure site with anti-virus software that is constantly updated. Dee is the owner of Dees Cakes which is based at 23 St Mary Street, St Mary Centre, Thornbury, Bristol BS35 2AB.

Why is data collected

1. A customer makes an enquiry about a cake order and details are recorded via hardcopy if it is a telephone message, text, email or a person calls into the shop.

2. A customer requests to go on the mailing list for Cake School and this is processed via email or hardcopy as Liz Pell the owner of Finishing Touches Ltd is the administrator for the mailing list.

3. A couple are getting married and arrange a consultation to discuss the design for their wedding cake.

4. Permission is required to share a photo of a cake via social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook

What happens to the data

The numbered points correspond to the ones in the paragraph above

1. Data can be obtained via email to Dee’s account which is only handled and maintained by Dee; a text via mobile phone; a telephone message or a potential client just calling into the shop.

In the case of an email, the details are filed online in an ‘Orders’ folder and are retained until 7 days after fulfilling the order. Hardcopy details are not kept as the system has anti-virus software and a backup facility.

In the other three instances, details are recorded in the Orders Book – this includes details about the cake, telephone number and/or email address. A home or destination address is also recorded for delivery purposes. This hardcopy information is stored until seven days after the completion of the order and then discarded safely.

2. The email information for the Cake School website is stored via Mall Chimp which has an up-to-date and reviewed Privacy Policy. The details are not kept on the shop’s or Dees Cakes email accounts. Everyone on the list has requested their name to be entered via email. Mailings about courses are made using the Mail Chimp facility and there is an Unsubscribe button if people wish to leave the site. Changes are made to email addresses as and when required to ensure that the information is up-to-date. Only the email is kept – the fields for addresses and telephone numbers are not necessary. No contact is made with the shop regarding the booking of courses – this is done directly with the cake decorator who becomes the data controller.

As the data controller Dee keeps details in a ‘Courses Diary’ – this is in hardcopy format and just involves the name of student and email address. The details are not entered on Dee’s personal email account and she does not hold or have access to a distribution list. The details are discarded safely ten days after the course has taken place.

3. The wedding consultation is when the couple discuss the design for the cake and a special booking form is used for this purpose. It holds contact details as well as the specification/mood board for the cake. This is not shared with anyone other than parties approved by the couple. The data is held during the creation of the cake and seven days after delivery; it is then destroyed.

4. Being a creative and visual business, it is beneficial to showcase cakes via social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Clients sign a disclaimer saying that they are happy for a photo to be circulated and this is kept indefinitely. This is particularly important when names appear on the cake.

Dees Cakes does not give out any customer email addresses or telephone numbers to a third party.

The privacy of your personal data is of the upmost importance. If you have any queries regarding this policy, please contact deerobbins64@gmail.com.

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